Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much is block time?
A: The PA28 is $1,875 for a twenty five hour block. This price is dry; however includes taxes.

Q: How much does fuel cost?
A: Prices go up and down from time to time; however we publish a newsletter every few months with notes from our pilots to track prices.  Generally, the PA28 is $55 per hour at most airports in Ontario. If travelling to the USA it can be as low as $26 USD per hour.

Q: What other costs are there?
A: Insurance is covered by our group policy at $150 per year per pilot.  Other than that landing and parking fees incurred by the pilot are extra.

Q: Is there a discount for a large purchase?
A: Yes, we have a discount for pilots buying 50 hours and 100 hours.

Q: How do I checkout?
A: We have an open book exam in our documents section of our website that must be completed. After that there is a briefing and a dual instruction checkout flight.

Q: Can I take a plane away overnight?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I fly to the USA?
A: Yes, our planes have the required stickers and registration for transborder flights.

Q: What happens with the money invested?
A: FlyBlockTime is a non-profit club.  All revenues are reinvested into the aircraft for upgrades or fleet expansion.

Q: What are the currency rules?
A: Depending on pilot experience; but generally 90 days.